Friday, 18 March 2011

Here comes the sun!

Spring is slowly arriving and my plants at my window can tell. I've seen a recent growth spurt in all of them and I'm excited to show them off. I'm growing a lot of stuff, I can't tell you how many times I've agonized over growing one variety over another, or which herb fits well for my balcony. I finally made my choices (for the most part), and but I'm still constantly on the lookout for awesome seeds. I'm still going to Seedy Sunday yet I have a ginormous seed list (which I will probably post later).

I'm also very very pleased that I got my cilantro seeds from Cubit's – it's not showing on this blog, but I am absolutely in love with that herb. I use cilantro in almost everything and to think, I used to hate it (with a passion). I am particularly happy that I got some organic seeds, at least I can save some seeds and use it for the next season. Also another note, GO TO SEEDY SUNDAY! Get some seeds, it'll be fun.. I promise.

Some other great news, Daniel over at My Small Kitchen Garden finally got the seeds I sent him! He was kind enough to do a seed giveaway and I got some paste tomato seeds from him, as well as Blue Hubbard Squash, and these lovely Neck Pumpkin seeds. I plan to start sowing some seeds again, and will probably blog about the squash. I'm a little nervous, but hopefully it should be fine.

I should post some photos. I took a lot of photos over the week showing the growth of my baby plants. I hope you enjoy the photo spam!

PHOTO SPAM IN 3... 2.. 1.
My little Polka-dot plant, the pink in the leaves is just slightly showing.  
Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry
One of my fave plants, Chinese 5 Colour Pepper, insanely beautiful fruit 
Lupin, this plant has grown a lot. It makes me miss Prince Edward Island so much.
Red Currant Cherry tomato, it smells amazing and is so cute.   
Cinnamon Basil

Organic Sweet Genovese Basil - thanks for the seeds Cubit's!
Flat-leaf Italian Parsley, just enjoying some sun

Mimosa Pudica, poor plant. I keep touching it, it must be so tired by now.
My chives from last season that came back. I left it outside, no care at all and it came back anyways!
Lamb's Ear, so fuzzy... so awesome.

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